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Baba's shaligramas

In the Padma Purana Lord Siva declares the greatness of salagrama sila as follows:

Mallinga Kotibhi Drsthi Yad Phalam Pujiti | 
Salagrama Sila Yamtu Ekasyam Iva Tad Bhaved ||

The merit obtained by seeing and worshipping hundreds of thousands of My Lingams, is equivalent to that obtained by worshipping one single salagrama shila.

Baba had over one thousand unique and rare shaligramas in his possession.

He delighted in telling devotees the stories of how he obtained them and showed the shaligrams to devotees explaining the characteristics and the names of each and every shila.

He would handle them with great care and was never without his precious shaligrams. Even when he travelled he would pack a few selected ones.

Shastra declares that any area within 24 miles radius of a shaligrama shila is a teerth. Such is their power. Even the mere glimpse of a shaligram shila can rid us of sinful reactions of many life times.

How much kripa Baba did on his devotees by personally showing them the best ones in his collection!

Jai Guru!





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