Founder Acharya His Divine Grace
Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami
Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


Guru parampara


After running away from home, Baba received brahmacharya initiation from Sri Bhakti Prapanna Damodar Goswami in 1950 in New Delhi at the Gaudiya Math which was then in Hanuman Lane.

Later when Baba moved to Navadwip, he received Tridandi Sanyas diksha from Srila Bhakti Pradip Tirth Goswami Maharaj, the President/Acharya of Gaudiya Math, Baghbazar, Kolkata. After taking initiation, Baba travelled all over the country as a "parivrajak sanyasi", a wandering monk, for a period of three years. At the end of that time, the Guru stipulates some specific kind of work. As it happened, Baba's Guru gave Him the charge of his Muth when he decided to retire.

Baba said that His Gurudeva had 108 Ashrams at his command. However, when Baba became head of the Muth, He realised that worship should be tempered with the concept of Seva. He felt that it was impractical to remain immersed solely in naam bhajan and worship through 24 hours of the day, resulting in a tendency amongst people to deviate from the true cause for which an Ashram is made.

He thought it was extremely important to work selflessly to alleviate the sufferings of the people. In a country like ours where the masses around us suffer constantly from hunger, poverty and disease, service to humanity should go hand in hand with worship and naam bhajan.

In the ashrams that Baba set up on his own, He made a beautiful blend of work and worship by introducing a clear-cut agenda for working for the welfare of people.

Baba's Shiksha Guru was Sri Bhakti Keval Audulomi Maharaj, the Acharya and President of Gaudiya Math, Baghbazar, Kolkata, from 1954 to 1982.


Srila Bhakti Pradip Tirtha Goswami Maharaj

Srila Bhakti Keval
Audulomi Maharaj

A very young Baba (extreme
right) standing beside
Srila Bhakti Pradip Tirth
Goswami and Srila
Audulomi Maharaj