Like an iron vessel  

By Sukhvinder (The Harmonist, 2000)

One day a devotee came to visit Baba after a long gap. Baba lovingly enquired, "Why did you come after so long? Where were you all these days?" The devotee complained, "You don't think of us now-a-days. You do not call us and that is why we are not able to come to you."

At this Baba clapped his hands and gave his childlike chuckle and said "A magnet attracts iron in whatever form, but if the iron is coated with mud or dirt, it looses the ability to be attracted to the magnet. A devotee is like an iron vessel that must be scrubbed and cleaned everyday to retain its shine. A few days of neglect and it will become tarnished. It is only when he is able to transform himself into a vessel of gold that his shine will never be lost."

Those of us who were sitting around him that day must have silently resolved never to miss practice of our japa even for a day for fear of losing our lustre!

Jai Guru !!

Jai Jai Sri Radhey !!