Incidents during Sri Nrisingha Chaturdashi  

Baba takes prasad during Nrisingha Chaturdashi festival

It was a hot scorching day on 1st May 2007, the festival of Sri Nrisingha Chaturdashi.  As is done every year, the members of Bhubaneshwar Ashram were busy arranging things for the big puja. After the Hom and other rituals, around noon the main puja was about to start in the temple of the Lord.  The deity of Baba was brought down from the bedroom and taken to his Samadhi for a while. 

From the Samadhi, Nepal then brought Baba to the mandap in the temple and seated Him on a sofa.

The puja started. Saroj picked up a pankha and started fanning Baba. During the course of fanning him, she noticed what seemed like perspiration beads on Baba’s forehead and temple. Saroj called Bablu and others to see the wet forehead and they all agreed it seemed like Baba was sweating in the heat. Bablu ran upstairs, got a hand towel returned and wiped Baba’s forehead gently.

Then at the end of the puja, the pandit offered aarti to Sri Lakshmi Nrisingha Bhagavan and Baba.

After the puja and bhog offering to the Lord, everyone waited to see whether this year too Lord Nrisingha had partaken of the Prasad. When the doors opened, everyone saw clear paw-prints on the rice and half-eaten sweets (jhili). Gratified that the puja had been accepted everyone was very happy.

As distribution of maha-prasad for devotees started, Bablu took Baba’s vigraha back upstairs.  Placing Him on the bed, Bablu then took a wet tissue (the scented ones Baba used to use), and carefully wiped His entire face. To his utter amazement, when Bablu wiped the area around Baba’s mouth, a few grains of rice came in the tissue paper. Bablu showed everyone.  They were all happy that Baba had also taken the Bhog.

Sri Lakshmi Nrisingha Bhagavan ki Jai !!

Jai Guru !!













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