How to attain Sri Krishna  

By Sukhvinder (The Harmonist, 2000)

One day a devotee asked Baba the significance of praying to the divine consort Srimati Radharani. Is it true that only with Her Grace one can attain Krishna?

Baba explained that Srimati Radharani is the Guru of all love. She is the Prem Guru. It is from Her that the beautiful emotion of love has come and resides in our hearts. If you reverse the name Radha you get the word Dhara, which means flow or lineage. She is the source and fountainhead of divine love and it is in Her alone that love manifests itself in its most complete form.

To explain the importance of Radha bhakti, Baba told this story.

One day a man went to the market to buy vegetables. In one shop he saw a beautiful, juicy jackfruit. He was surprised. This was not the season for jackfruits. He was very tempted and immediately purchased the jackfruit. But as it was quite large and bulky, he told the shopkeeper to keep it with him until he returned after completing his other purchases.

In the meanwhile another customer came to the shop and saw the jackfruit. He too wanted to buy it. The shopkeeper said "I'm sorry, but I can't sell this to you. I have already sold it to someone else. It is only in my safekeeping until the man returns."

But the customer would not go away. He wanted the jackfruit at any cost. He offered double the price and even tempted the shopkeeper with ten times the price offered by the first customer. But the shopkeeper would not budge. "I have already sold this jackfruit. You cannot have it any any cost."

The man was crestfallen. "Is there no way for me to have this jackfruit?" he asked. The shopkeeper felt sorry for him and said, "There is one way. If you beg the first customer who bought it from me for some of it, he may take pity on you and give you a portion..."

So it is with Krishna prem. Sri Krishna has already sold his heart to Radharani. His flute only calls out her name - Radhey, Radhey. So if you want a piece of that divine love, you will have to go to Radharani and pray to her to shower Her grace on you. When she showers her compassion on you, then you can also partake of the bliss of this love.


Jai Guru !!

Jai Jai Sri Radhey !!