Vishakha Devi

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


Of the asta-sakhis, Vishakha is foremost along with Lalita. Her attributes are much like Lalita Devi. She was born on exactly the same date and time as Srimati Radharani.  Thus they are almost like twin sisters. Her complexion is brilliant like lighting and her garments are decorated with stars.

She carries messages between Radha and Krishna, and is the most expert gopi messenger. Her father’s name is Pavana, mother is Sudakshina and her husband is Vahika. She is said to be from the village of Kamai.

She is most creative at making just about anything out of flowers. Vishakha skillfully draws pictures of Krishna for Radhika when she is feeling depressed in separation mood.  

Her grove is situated to the northeast of Sri Radha Kunda. It is megha or raincloud-like. All things in her kunja are colored red, green, yellow and black. This grove is named Vishakhananda.

The service Vishakha-devi renders is vastralankara or organising the clothing and ornamentation of the Divine Couple. She applies fragrant camphor on the bodies of Shri Radha-Krishna as assists in their dressing.

She is exactly the same age as Srimati Radharani. Her mood is called svadhina bhartrka, which means like a heroine who is independent minded, and who controls her lover by her friendly and pleasant ways. Her temperament is adhika-madhya, moderately exalted. She loves to play the mrdanga. Her favorite tune is raga saranga.

Her maidservant is Vilasa-manjari. Vishakha devi heads her group of eight girlfriends,  Madhavi, Malati, Candra-rekha, Kunjari, Harini, Capala, Surabhi and Subhana.

Vishakha-devi's father is a scholar, thus "like father, like daughter"-- she is very learned. She is a wise counselor and a diplomat in loving affairs. Vishakha devi is very intelligent in giving advice on various amorous trysts. Her judgement is inevitably correct because of which she is very dear to the Lord. Wise in getting Shri Radha from wherever she may be when Lord Krishna desires, she works towards their joyous union which is her reward.

She arranges for the Divine Couple to meet in different ways so that They may relish different mellows. Vishakha skillfully paints flower and leaf designs on Their bodies, and makes crowns for Them out of flower garlands, and embroiders Their cloth.
She is the most expert messenger among the asta-sakhis. Vishakha supervises the sakhis and dasis who produce and care for clothing; plus she directs the maidservants of Vrindadevi in their care of the flowers, vines and trees of Vrindavan. Although it appears that Vishakha is second in importance to Lalita, she is truly Srimati Radharani's dearmost friend. She and Radharani are so alike they are almost twins.

Vishakha sakhi expands herself as the Yamuna River and serves Sri Krishna. Whenever Krishna sees Vishakha He immediately thinks of Sri Radha; whenever Sri Radha sees the syama (dark blue) waters of the Yamuna River She immediately thinks of Krishna.

vizaakhorasi yaa vishnor yasyaam vishnur-jalaatamani
nityam nimajjati prItyaataam shaureem yamunaam stumaha

Lord Vishnu daily immerses Himself and plays with great pleasure and affection in the water of the Yamuna, the liquid form of Vishakhadevi. I offer prayers to Yamunadevi, the daughter of the sun god Surya.

Commentary of Sri Baladeva Vidyabhushana:

Vishakha yamuna-vapur iti vichaarena
yamuna-stutyaa tat stutir iti vidybhushanah

Sri Vishakha is considered as the vapu (embodiment) of Yamuna. Therefore, by offering prayers to Yamuna one is also offering prayers to Vishakha devi.

Vishakha-devi arranges the place where the youthful Divine Couple enjoy affectionate and playful joking pastimes. Her sweet transcendental singing eclipses the voices of the cuckoos.

She is Radhika's constant companion, and in fact, Vishakha jumped into the Yamuna along with Radha after Krishna went to Mathura, when 100 years of separation were over.  After that, they reappeared in Mathura as the wives of Dwarkadheesh Krishna.

It is also believed that Arjuna, Krishna’s dearest friend, is also an expansion of Vishakha devi. In Gaur leela, Sri Vishakha-sakhi appears as Sri Ramananda Raya.

It is said of her, sri radhike tava carita-gunanurupam, that her qualities and characteristics are very similar to Srimati Radharani's.

We pray to Vishakha sakhi: “O bestower of benediction! O causelessly merciful Vishakha! Within the society of the beautiful milkmaids of Vraja, you are the closest replica of Sri Radha Herself (in the matter of feminine, qualities, nature and age). Therefore, overlooking my constant offenses, please be kind upon me and accept me as your maidservant".


Vishakha devi ki jai !!

Jai Jai Sri Radhey Shyam !!