Total Surrender  

By Sukhvinder (The Harmonist, 2000)


One day a devotee asked Baba the meaning of surrender. Baba narrated this beautiful parable to explain it.

There were two devotees of God, a snake and a frog. One day the snake couldn't find anything to eat and prayed to the Lord to send him a live frog to appease his hunger.

The Lord took pity on the snake and told him that he would soon have his wish fulfilled. In a short while, the snake saw a frog a few feet away from him and slowly started moving in for the kill.

The frog, finding he had no time to escape, fervently prayed to the Lord to save his life. The Lord told him not to worry, when the snake would put him into his mouth, he should lie inert as if dead. Since snakes do not eat dead frogs, it would spit him out and he should then run away.

The frog obeyed the instructions to the letter and when the snake lunged at him and put him in his mouth, he lay absolutely still.

The snake thinking he had swallowed a dead frog, got angry at God and said, "I prayed for a live frog and You sent me a dead one" and spat it out. No sooner had the frog been released from the snake's mouth, it gave a giant leap and jumped to safety.

God has listened to both the prayers. He had sent a live frog to the snake and had also told the frog how to save himself. Yet the frog had the faith to surrender totally even in the clutches of death and could thus save his life, while the snake questioned and remained hungry.

Jai Guru !!

Jai Jai Sri Radhey !!