Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

From Sri Garga-samhita Canto 3 chapter 7 - texts 1 - 39

King Bahulasva said: How many holy places are on noble-hearted Govardhan Hill?  O great yogi, you have transcendental vision. Please tell me this.

Sri Narada said: O king, Vrndavana forest and Govardhan Hill, which is the crown of Goloka, are both worshiped as the best of holy places.

Noble Govardhan Hill is most dear to Lord Krishna. It is the Supreme Personality of Godhead's parasol. It protects the cows, gopas and gopis. What holy place is better than Govardhan Hill?

Lord Krishna, the master of all the worlds, mocked the Indra-yajna. Sri Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead, greater than the greatest, the master of Goloka, the ruler of countless universes.

O King of Mithila, even Lord Brahma cannot properly glorify Govardhan Hill, where Lord Krishna eternally plays with the gopa boys and where are the Manasa-ganga, which destroys a flood of the greatest sins, pure Govinda-kunda, beautiful Candra-sarovara, Radha-kunda, Syama-kunda, Lalita-kunda, Gopala-kunda and Kusuma-sarovara.

By the touch of Sri Krishna's crown a certain stone was marked with the sign of a crown. Anyone who sees that stone becomes the crown of the Supreme Lord.
Even today on Govardhan Hill is a sacred stone marked with pictures originally drawn by Lord Krishna and now named Citra-shila (the picture stone).

When Krishna was intently playing with the boys, He played musical rhythms on a certain stone. That stone, named vadani-sila (the musical stone), destroys the greatest sins.

The place where Krishnacandra played ball-games with the boys is called kanduka-ksetra (the ballgame-field).

A person who sees the place Indra-pada on Govardhan Hill, bows down at the place Brahma-pada or rolls about in the dust of these places, attains the abode of Lord Vishnu.

The place on Govardhan Hill where Lord Krishna stole the gopas turbans is called Ausnisa-tirtha. It bestows great blessings.

One day, hearing the tinkling anklets as the gopis walked nearby on their way to sell yogurt, Krishna, who is more charming than Kamadeva, stopped them on the path.
Holding a flute and a stick and going ahead of the gopas, Krishna confronted the gopis on the path and demanded, "You must pay a toll tax to Me."

The gopis said: “You are crooked. You and your gopa boys now block our path. You are greedy after yogurt. We will see to it that You, Your mother and Your father are all locked up in Kamsa's prison.”

The Supreme Personality of Godhead replied: “I will kill the evil Kamsa and all his friends. That was My solemn vow.  Every day I will take the cows from Mathura to Govardhan Hill. ”

Devrishi Narada said: After speaking these words, Krishna and the boys took the jars of yogurt and joyfully placed them on the ground.

Saying “ Krishna is a bold, fearless and talkative hero here in the secluded forest, but there in the city, surrounded by many men, He is only a weakling.  We will certainly tell Nanda and Yasoda what He has done,”  the smiling gopis went to their homes.

Then, making cups of nipa and palasa leaves, Krishna and the boys ate the yogurt and picchala with great delight.

O king of kings, that very sacred place, where the tree leaves became cups, is called Drona-tirtha.

A person who at this place gives yogurt in charity, drinks yogurt from a leaf-cup and then bows down to offer his respectful obeisance, never falls from Goloka.

The place where Krishna and the boys played games of closing their eyes and hiding is called laukika-tirtha.  It destroys all sins.

Simply by seeing Kadamba-khanda-tirtha, where Krishna enjoyed many pastimes, a person attains a form like that of Lord Narayana Himself.

O king of Mithila, the place on Govardhan Hill where Radha was decorated during the rasa dance is called Shringar-mandala (the decoration place).

O king, the form Lord Krishna showed as He lifted Govardhan Hill is still present at Shringar-mandala.

O king, 4,108 years after the beginning of Kali-yuga, as everyone watches, Lord Krishna will emerge from a cave on Govardhan Hill and reveal His transcendental form at Shringara-mandala.

O king, the saintly devotees will call this form of the Lord Srinath.  He will always enjoy pastimes on Govardhan Hill. The people in Kali-yuga who with their eyes see this form of the Lord will attain all spiritual success.

On the four corners of Govardhan Hill are the forms of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Ranganatha, Lord Dwarkanatha and Lord Badrinatha.

Srinatha is in the middle of Govardhan Hill.  O king, these five forms of the lord are manifested in sacred Bharata-varsa.

These four Deities are four pillars in the temple of eternal religion.  They are determined to protect Their devotees from all troubles.  A person who sees Them attains a transcendental form like that of Lord Narayana Himself.

An intelligent person who visits the places of these Deities but does not see the Lord there does not attain the real result of his visit.

A person who sees Lord Srinath attains the result of seeing all four Deities on Govardhan Hill.

O king of Mithila, a sinner who bows down before the footprints of Airavata and Surabhi on Govardhan Hill goes to Vaikuntha.

A person who sees the handprint and footprint of Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and bows down to offer respects to them, goes to Lord Krishna's transcendental abode.

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