Devotees' Experiences

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

"Spiritual bliss eludes me ... but unknowingly most of the time I am in it!"
(July 2004)


Hello friends, devotees and disciples - I am yet another avowed disciple of our dear and beloved Baba, who's blessed me by His Divine Grace. How I stand blessed is what I have tried to write in this article. An article which I have been inspired and goaded to write by devotees Shankariji and Vinod Karkiji both of whom I have just met, but I was 'at home' with them, as soon as I met them! I have a few thoughts which I wish to articulate over here and hope you'll be making an effort to read it till the end! It is based on my recent experiences with Baba and what all that I strongly feel about Him!

'Aaiye Haath Uthayen Hum Bhi", ask not what Baba can give you, ask yourself what you can do to bring back the glory of this country which through Baba it is possible! But juxtaposed to this thought we are all being greedy and small; we are constantly seeking Baba for personal health and welfare. Come on raise your hands; lift it up and say I am there to support the cause of "Upliftment India"! Let us keep Baba in the centre of the movement and take His blessings and show our love for Him by working for this cause and not by asking for any personal favours unless otherwise absolutely necessary!

It reminds me of Rabindranath Tagore who wrote in one of his songs:
"Kaino cheya acho go Maa? Mukho paaney - Kaino cheye aacho go Maa?
Aeyra chaahena tomaaray chaahena re, Aapono maayere naahee jaane
Aeyra tomaiye kichu debena debena, Miththa kawhe shudhu kawthoki bhannay
Kaino cheya acho go Maa? Mukho paaney - Kaino cheye aacho go Maa?"

Tagore asks (the motherland) '0 Mother what are you looking up to your sons' faces for? It is useless, they are just hypocrites, they know not what they do, they cheat their own mother; they shan't give anything to you; they are only interested in more 'n more 'n more, their greed will never end! They'd take every thing from you and give nothing in return, they are only frauds and cheats.

Friends, it is time we understood that we do not keep asking for personal benefits from Baba. I have known of saints who keep giving and like Ramakrishna Paramhamsa took all personal ailments of Bhaktas and absorbed all diseases and what happens in the process we weaken them to the extent that we loose them! Immortal they are but a body is a body and we should not try to take from him so much, because these "Mahapurush" will never say 'no' - they are perennial givers.

But we too have our sense of responsibilities and must avoid as far as possible especially when it comes to health; let us save Baba from this perilous journey of inflicting himself with immortalizing desires of others, save this phenomenal great spiritual being!

On an afterthought what one can safely ask for is to seek His blessing and get headlong into His services; try and see if with His blessing we can heal this wounded country and world. Our country is "Chaitanaya’s" country - "Krishna’s" country "Rama’s" country. So much of goodness of “Raam Raajya" but where has it all vanished? Why can't it be all restored? Let us ask Baba these questions, seek His answers! Baba has restored 108 temples all over India. Come let us back Him up - take His message to politicians and see if we could salvage some of the lost glories of this splendid country and the temple named "India" can be brought back to life truly - the 'India' the way it should be!

I had heard of Baba roughly a little more than a year back and since I knew He's of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's lineage I wanted to first make a musical work, musician that I am. I desperately wanted to give him something as my introductory offering at His lotus feet. The recording has 2 of my favourite singers.

Of course one being a very big name in olden golden era of Bombay fIlm music namely "Meena Kapoor Biswas" a contemporary of Lata Mangeshkar and wife of the great legendary composer Anil Biswas! And the other Mohana, who sang 3 songs in my first offering to Baba. I just met Him at Kolkata. My two nephews told me that I could go to the Kolkata airport to receive him but fate ordained otherwise; both the children cut a sorry figure as they had Baba's personal cell but not the presence of mind to find out, what time and flight he was actually coming in!

Anyway it was a sad picture of these boy's - who were also feeling bad at their goof up! However things partially changed and at last my meeting and touching his feet are all over, the mixing of the songs begin, once the mixing is over, the ordering of the songs take place, after which the duplicating on each CD begins coupled by rechecking each CD of its tonal quality. After this designing, printing and packaging are the things which then make it a complete product which also I was blessed that I could struggle my way through the entire production!

It was on 5th March that Shri Vinod Karki, Baba's special PR person who gave me the whole hearted "feel good" signal from where I started getting charged! Mrs. Ohri was completely instrumental to all this that was happening and then the "Great Joy" and feeling of "Pune Bliss" struck me.

I guess when one reaches the "nadir or trough of the bottom most" the "zenith or height of bliss" equally becomes so full of profound meaning and my happiness knew no bounds once I entered the Jonapur Gouranga Ashram! Baba's big portrait, the striking cleanliness (just next to Godliness) the complete low feeling was healed to a sensational happiness. I entered Baba's room and there lay his "Padukas" which he wears and is kept for devotees. I did my Pranaam and I could feel the blissful blessing even though Baba was only omni presently present, and I could see him everywhere!

For me it was a very easy home coming! As if I had come back home. How and what a strangely beautiful happy sense of belonging Baba had created in me in just a fortnights time. Meeting the inmates of the Ashram, Ms. Shankari Ganguly specially, seemed so bright, hospitable and full of contentment! The hospitality, the care of every detail seemed like falling into place that too without having no previous rapport with anyone whatsoever in the Ashram! A feeling to be felt and what a blessed feeling!
This experience was one enriching soulful experience which not many would be able to really gauge! What I got only I could feel, something of a very special contentment which seldom can be properly expressed or talked about!

And then the devotional music programme started. Shankariji told me that all of us are "miserable" that we have not been able to go to Navadwip and not be with Baba, and she said, "see Baba has sent you here, so that you can sing and all of us can organise to enjoy his Birthday and celebrate it too!"

Celebrate his Birthday we did! At Jodhpur Park Ashram I had noticed, Tagore's handwritten song on a scroll in the wall and had read the song. I sang that with all my mind and heart and meant Baba to hear it when I cried "aami shudhu taari maatir prodeep, jalaao taahaar shikha"! (I am your earthen pot light, burn me bright, I am here at your service)!

At last I found my place where every bit of all, all my prayers were heard. Heard by Krishna, Radha, devotees and the environs. Baba was quietly pulling the strings of my heart and I was singing to the glory of the Gouranga Ashram. A few days back (29th Feb'04 to be exact) I had taken "Diksha" from Baba while returning in a taxi I smudged some colour which was used by the taxi owner as a morning religious ritual on his car that he does as it seemed. The colour was "Gayruah" so the saffron touched me unknowingly! My trousers and my hands both, had strange touches of the besmeared colour. Yes, strange things are indeed happening; I am seemingly part of a very big and blissful family, I am privileged and overjoyed, the feeling of dancing in bliss sweeps all over me and makes me profoundly joyful!

Yes I did feel like having crossed the dreary desert wasteland, without a shade and here I was in the home and shelter of my Father. A wonderful sense of belonging! Let us all get together and give this home all that we can with all our might so that this home becomes an exemplary home and a beacon. From here may we light up millions of hearts of destitute, old and alleviate the sufferings of thousands and give Baba all we could offer to bring in the most beautiful, bountiful morning for all of us!

They say "I could have danced all night", we say "I could have cried all night", yes, tears of joy could flow to wash off the minds' gloom. I could have wept my way to ecstasy and that's precisely what I did. Mrs. Ohri concluded by saying into my ears, "the devotional music, the ambience and Baba's presence even in his absence all added up to make a heaven at the ashram on 6th March '04 evening and nothing less than that! All the Elusive bliss was mine on that day, I am grateful for this unbridled Joy of God's Love!

Jai Radhey !

Jai Guru