Baba's Samadhi Mandir - an appeal for support

Baba's samadhi mandir is nearing completion. The construction of the superstructure is over and now the plastering, finishing and flooring work remains to be done.

The aim is to complete the plastering of the outer structure and dome before the onset of the rains. Once that is finished, the work inside the mandir can be carried on even during the rainy season.

The Sri Gouranga Ashram Trust set up by Baba in Kolkata has until now contributed Rs.12 lakhs towards the construction. But now even the Trust funds are running low.

In terms of immediate requirement and in order for the work to be continued without interruption, the contractor will need to be paid an amount of Rs. 60,000 to complete the outer plastering by the middle of June 2009.

Devotees are requested to donate generously for the completion of Baba's samadhi mandir. Please send your cheques and DDs in favour of:

Sri Gouranga Ashram - (pls indicate on the reverse "for construction of samadhi mandir")
C/o The Secretary
Sri Gouranga Ashram
A-19 Sahid Nagar
Maharishi College Road
Bhubaneshwar 751007

Jai Sri Radhey !

Jai Guru !