Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

How Srimati Radharani appeared as the daughter of King Vrishabhanu
From Lalita Madhava by Rupa Goswami

Sri Radha-Krsna Samvada

63 Lord Krishna then said, “I will appear on the earth. O demigods, first return to your homes, and then, by your part expansions, quickly appear on the earth.

64 After speaking to the demigods, Lord Krishna, the master of the universes, then called the gopas and gopis and spoke to them words that were sweet, truthful and appropriate.

65 Sri Krishna said: O gopas and gopis, please listen. All of you please go to Nanda's land of Vraja. O Radha, please manifest once to the home of King Vrishabhanu.

66 King Vrishabhanu’s dear wife is the saintly gopi named Kalavati. She is Subala-gopa's daughter. She is a partial incarnation of the goddess of fortune.

67 She is fortunate and glorious among women. She was the mind-born daughter of the Pitas, but by Durvasa's curse she had to be born in a house in Vraja.

68 At once go to Nanda's Vraja and take birth in her womb. O lotus faced girl, I will assume the form of a small boy and I will marry You.

69 O Radha, to Me You are more dear than life. To You I am more dear than life also. We are not different. We are one body eternally.

70 Listening, Sri Radha wept, overcome with love. O sage, with Her cakora-bird eyes She drank the moonlight of Lord Krishna’s face.

71 Sri Govinda said: O gopas and gopis, please take birth on the earth in the beautiful palaces of the noble gopas. [...]

185 In this way the demigods must appear, by their partial expansions, on the earth and help to remove its burden. The demigods' wives must also go, by their partial expansions, to the earth.

186 At that point Lord Krishna stopped speaking. O Narada, Brahma stood there, listening.

187 Devi Saraswati was at Lord Krishna’s left and Sri Lakshmi at His right. Parvati and all the demigods were in front of Him.

188 The gopis and gopas were also standing before Him. Sri Radha rested clug to His chest. At that moment Sri Radha, the queen of Vraja, spoke to Lord Krishna.

189 Sri Radha said: O Lord, please hear the words of Your maidservant. My life has become a blazing fire that burns without stop. My mind trembles, swinging to and fro.

190 When I look at You I cannot even blink. O Lord, how can I go to the earth without You?

191 O friend, how much time must pass before I will meet You again in Gokula? O Lord of My life, please tell me truthfully.

192 The blinking of my eyes without You will be like a hundred yugas for Me. What will I look on? Where will I go? Who will protect Me?

193 O master of My life, how can I for a moment think of mother, father, relatives, friends, brother, sister, or children when You are gone?

194 O master of illusions, please promise me that when I am on the earth You will not cover Me with illusion and make Me forget Your glories.

195 O Krishna, please turn My mind into a bumblebee always wandering among the nectar lotus-flowers of Your feet.

196 Wherever I may be born, please give Me service to You and remembrance of You.

197 You are Sri Krishna and I am Radha. When I am on the earth may I never forget the glory of Our love. O Lord, please give Me this benediction.

198 As breath always stays with the body and as the body always stays with its shadow, may We two always stay together when We take birth. O Lord please give Me this benediction.

199 When We are on the earth let Us not be separated for even an eyeblink. O Lord, please give Me this benediction.

200 Who was it that used My life-breath to create Your body, feet, and flute?

201 How many glorious kinds of women are there? How many kinds of glorious men praised again and again? No woman is attached to her lover as I am to You.

202 How is it that I was created from half of Your body? There is no difference between Us. That is why My mind always thinks of You.

203 How is it that My mind, heart, and life were placed in Your body. And Your mind, heart and life were placed in Mine?

204 That is why an eyeblink's separation from You brings a great catastrophe to My mind. That is why, when it hears that We may be separated, My life-force burns in an unending fire.

205 After speaking these words in the assembly of demigods, again and again Sri Radha grasped Lord Krishna’s lotus feet and loudly wept.

206 Then, placing Her on His lap and with His own garment wiping the tears from Her face, Lord Krishna spoke many true and beneficial words.

207 Sri Hari said: O Goddess, please listen and I will describe to You the yoga of the Supreme, a yoga even the kings of the yogis cannot understand, a yoga that cuts grief into many pieces.

208 O beautiful one, consider this: The entire universe is constructed of two things: resting places and things that rest in them. It is not possible for a thing to be separated from its resting place.

209 For the fruit the resting place is the flower. For the flower the resting place is the twig. For the twig the resting place is the branch. For the branch the resting place is the tree itself.

210 For the tree the resting place is the sapling. For the sapling, which is manifest from the seed, the resting place is the seed. For the seed the resting place is the earth.

211 For the earth the resting place is Sri Anantsesa. For Lord Sesa the resting place is the great tortoise beneath Him. For the tortoise the resting place is the wind. For the wind the resting place is I Myself.

212 For Me the resting place is You. I always rest in You. You have all powers. You are the root from which the material nature has sprung. You are the Supreme Goddess.

213 You are the resting place of all bodies. You are the resting place of the three modes of nature. You are the resting place of Me, for I am Your heart. Without You I cannot act. Only by Your grace have I the power to act.

214 From the man the seed is manifest. From the seed children are manifest. The resting place of both seed and children is the woman, who is manifest from material nature.

215 How can the spirit soul exist without the body? How can the body exist without the spirit soul? They are both the first cause. O goddess, how can the creation be manifest without them both?

216 O Radha, We are not different. We are the seed and the world grown from the seed. I am the soul and You are the body. Where the soul is present, there also is the body. We are not different. Why must You be so humble?

217 As whiteness is present in milk, as heat is present in fire, as fragrance is present in earth, and as coolness is present in fire, so I am always present in You.

218 As milk and its whiteness, fire and its heat, earth and its fragrance, and water and its coolness are one and cannot be separated, We are one also. We cannot be separated.

219 Without Me, You are lifeless. Without You, I am invisible. O beautiful one, without You I cannot exist.

220 Without clay a potter cannot make a pot. Without gold a goldsmith cannot make a gold ornament.

221 As the spirit soul is eternal, You are also eternal. You are the material nature. You are all powerful. You are the eternal resting place of everything.

222 Lakshmi, all-auspicious Saraswati, Brahma, Siva, Sesa, and Yamaraja are dear as life to Me. But You are more dear than life to Me.

223 If this were not so, then why do the demigods and demigoddesses stand around, but You rest on My chest, O Radha?

224 O Radha, give up Your tears. O saintly one, give up this fruitless and mistaken worry and go to King Vrishabhanu’s house.

225 O beautiful one, use Your powers to create an artificial pregnancy in Kalavati. For nine months fill her womb with air.

226 When the tenth month comes leave Your natural form behind, accept the form of an infant girl and appear there on the earth.

227 At the time of giving birth, place Your form of a naked infant on the ground by Kalavati and cry like a newborn child.

228 O saintly one, in this way, without entering a mother's womb, You will appear in Gokula. I also will appear without entering a mother's womb. You and I do not enter a mother's womb.

229 The moment I come to earth Vasudeva will carry Me to Gokula. Pretending to fear Kamsa, I will go there for Your sake.

230 I will be Nanda's son in Yasoda's house. O beautiful one, again and again You will happily see me and tightly embrace Me.

231 O Radha, because of the benediction I give You, You will remember everything. Following My own wish, I will enjoy pastimes with You in Vrindavan forest again and again.

232 Therefore, accompanied by thirty three virtuous friends and twenty one billion gopi-associates, please go to Vraja.

233-4 O Radha, after comforting with eloquent nectar words the numberless gopas and gopis left behind in Goloka, I will go to Vasudeva's home in Mathura City.

235 The ten million gopas most dear to Me should take birth in the homes of the gopas. To enjoy pastimes with Me they should go to Vraja.

236 O Narada, then Lord Krsna stopped speaking. The demigods, demigoddesses, gopas and gopis were silent.

237 Then Brahma, Siva, Yama, Sesa, Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati joyfully offered prayers to Lord Krishna.

238 Overcome with love and burning in the flames of imminent separation, the devoted gopas and gopis offered prayers to Lord Krsna and bowed down before Him.

239 Burning in the flames of imminent separation even though Her desires were all fulfilled, Sri Radha devotedly offered prayers to Her beloved Krishna, who is more dear to Her than life.

240 Seeing that Sri Radha was weeping many tears of distress, Lord Krishna spoke to Her truthful words of enlightenment.

241 Sri Krishna said: O goddess more dear than life, please be peaceful. Give up Your fears. What You feel I also feel. Why should You be unhappy while I am with You.

242 However, I have to tell You something that is not good. You will be separated from Me for a hundred years.

243 O beautiful one, I will go to Mathura and because of Sridama's curse, We will be separated.

244 In Mathura I will remove the earth's burden, release My parents from bondage and give liberation to a florist, a tailor and a hunchback girl.

245 Then I will kill Kalayavana, deliver Muchukunda, build the city of Dwaraka, and see a Rajasuya-yajna.

246 Then I will marry 16 100 princesses and defeat many enemies.

247 Then I will help My friends, burn Varanasi, make Siva yawn and cut Banasura's arms.

248 I will forcibly take the Parijata tree from heaven, give my darshan to many saintly sages when I go on pilgrimage, and perform many other pastimes.

249 While on pilgrimage I will speak with My friends and relatives, help My father perform a yajna, and, at an auspicious moment, see You again.

250 There I will also see the gopis and again I will teach You the truth of spiritual philosophy.

251 From that time We will never really be separated for even a moment of the day or night. Then, after some time, I will return to Vraja.

252 Beloved, during the hundred years We are separated We will meet in Our dreams again and again.

253 In My Narayana form I will go to Dwaraka for those hundred years. In that way I will play out My pastimes there.

254 Then I will return to live with You in the forest. Then I will wipe away all the sufferings of My parents and the gopas and gopis.

255 When I have removed the earth's burden I will return to Goloka with the gopas, gopis and You.

256 O Radha, in My form as eternal Lord Narayana I will return to Vaikuntha with Lakshmi and Saraswati.

257 My various incarnations will return to Svetadvipa, the home of religion, and the partial incarnations of the demigods and demigoddesses will all return to their respective abodes.

258 Then You and I will again live in Goloka. Beloved, now I have told You everything both good and bad. Who can stop from happening what I have foretold?

259 After speaking these words, Lord Krishna embraced Radha to His chest. All the demigods and their wives were astonished.

260 Then Lord Krishna said to the demigods and demigoddesses: O demigods, please return to your abodes and prepare for your mission.

261 O Parvati, please go to Mount Kailasa with your husband and sons. At the proper time you will execute the mission I have given you.

262 As I have said, you will take birth as a partial incarnation. You will not be accompanied by Ganesha, who is the lord of the great and the small.

263-4 Bowing down before Lord Krishna, the demigods happily returned to their homes. Then, bowing again before Lord Krishna and before Lakshmi and Saraswati, they went, eager to execute their mission, to the earth. Then Lord Krishna described Sri Radha's mission, a mission beyond what the demigods can attain.

265 Lord Krishna said to Sri Radha: Accompanied by the many gopas and gopis I have already named, please go to King Vrishabhanu’s home.

266 Beloved, first I will go to Vasudeva's home in Mathura, and then, on the pretext of fearing Kamsa, I will go to Gokula, where You will be.

267 Radha bowed down before Lord Krishna. Tormented with the thought of being separated from Her love, She wept, Her eyes now red lotus flowers, again and again.

268 She began to go and then She returned. Again and again and again and again She left, returned, and gazed and gazed at Lord Krishna’s face.

269 With the chakora birds of Her unblinking eyes saintly Radha drank the nectar moonlight of Lord Krishna’s face.

270 Seven times the Supreme Goddess Sri Radha circumambulated Lord Krishna. Seven times She bowed down and respectfully stood before Him.

271 Then twenty-one billion gopis and ten million gopas came there.

272 O Narada, accompanied by the multitudes of gopas and gopis, Sri Radha bowed down before Lord Krishna and respectfully stood before Him.

273 Accompanied by Her thirty-three close friends and by the many gopas and gopis, beautiful Radha bowed down before Lord Krishna again and then went to the earth.

274 Then Radha-gopi went to Vrsabhanu-gopa's home, the place Lord Krishna had arranged for Her in Nanda's Gokula.

275 When Radha went with the gopas and gopis to the earth, Lord Krishna became eager to go there also.

276 After speaking to the gopas and gopis and giving them their various duties, Lord Krishna, the master of the universes, traveling as fast as the mind, appeared in Mathura.

277 Before all this Vasudeva and Devaki had six sons and Kamsa killed each one as soon as they were born.

278 By Lord Krishna’s order, Yogamaya removed from Devaki's womb the seventh embryo, who was an incarnation of Lord Anantsesa, and placed it in Rohini's womb in Gokula.