Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

How Srimati Radharani appeared as the daughter of King Vrishabhanu
From Lalita Madhava by Rupa Goswami

Sri Radha-Sridama-sapodbhava

The Cursing of Sri Radha and Sridama

1 O sage, when She went to the pavilion of amorous pastimes, Radha did not see Lord Hari. Seeing the river that Viraja had become, She returned to her home.

2 Seeing that His eternal beloved had become a river, Sri Krishna loudly wept on the beautiful shore of that Viraja River.
3 "O best, best of lovers, come to Me! O beautiful one, my adored one, how can I live without you?
4 "By My blessing now become the most beautiful of women, and the empress of rivers.
5 "Now have a form more beautiful than the beautiful form you had. O chaste one, your previous form has now become a river."

6 "Rise from the waters and come to Me." Taking a new form, and beautiful like Radha, she approached Lord Hari.
7 Wearing yellow garments and her lotus face smiling, with crooked eyes she gazed at the Lord of Her life and He gazed at her.
8 She was oppressed by the burden of her hips and thighs, and her breasts were swollen and high.
9 She was the most beautiful of beautiful women, and She was fortunate and glorious among women. She was the colour of a beautiful champaka flower and her lips were red like ripe bimba fruits.
10 Her beautiful teeth were like ripe pomegranate seeds, her face was an autumn moon, and her eyes were blossoming dark lotuses.
11 She was adored with a dot of musk and many dots of red sindura. She was beautiful with beautiful designs and pictures. Her braided hair was very beautiful.
12 Jewel earrings resting on her cheeks, She was decorated with a necklace of jewels and glorious with a necklace of pearls. On the tip of her nose hung an elephant pearl.
13 She was splendid with jewelled armlets and bracelets and a bracelet of shells. She was opulent with many tinkling ornaments and tinkling jewel anklets.
14 Seeing her so beautiful and so full of love for Him, the Lord of the universes at once embraced her and kissed her again and again.
15 Going to a secluded place, the all-powerful Lord again and again enjoyed many different kinds of amorous pastimes, beginning with viparita-lila, with His beloved.

16 Accepting the Lord's invincible semen, passionate and fortunate Viraja at once became pregnant.
17 After a hundred celestial years of pregnancy, she gave birth to seven handsome sons from the Lord.
18 In this way the Lord's eternal beloved became the mother of seven sons. She was very happy with her seven sons.
19 One day, her heart filled with amorous desires, the saintly girl again enjoyed pastimes with Lord Hari in a secluded place in Vrindavana forest.

20 Just then, frightened by his brothers, her youngest son came there and went to his mother's lap.
21 Seeing her son was afraid, she who was an ocean of kindness left Lord Hari and placed the boy on her lap. At that time Krishna went to Radha's place.

22 When she had comforted the boy Viraja noticed that her beloved was no longer there. Her heart filled with unsatisfied desires, she lamented greatly.
23 She angrily cursed her son: "You will become an ocean of salt-water. The living entities will never drink your water."
24 Then she cursed all the boys: "Those fools will go to the earth! Fools, go to beautiful Jambudvipa on the earth!
25 "They will not stay together in one place, but will stay each in his own place. They will stay happily around different islands.
26 "They may enjoy pastimes with the rivers on these islands." In this way, because of his mother's curse, the youngest boy became an ocean of salt-water.

27 The youngest then told the other boys about their mother's curse. Sadly, all the boys went to their mother.
28 After hearing their mother's words, they offered obeisance to her feet. Then, their necks bowed with devotion, they all went to the surface of the earth.

29 O sage, they became seven oceans around the seven islands. From the youngest to the eldest, each ocean was twice as large as the preceding one.
30 They became oceans of salt-water, sugarcane juice, wine, clarified butter, yogurt, milk and sweet water. Their liquid will be used to cultivate grains on the earth.
31 In this way they became seven oceans around the seven islands of the earth. Unhappy in separation from their mother and brothers, all the boys wept.
32 Tormented by separation from her sons, chaste Viraja wept again and again. She fainted out of grief she felt for her sons and husband.

33 Understanding that she was drowning in an ocean of grief, Radha's master, His lotus face smiling, came to her again.
34 When she saw Lord Hari she stopped weeping and lamenting. Gazing at her beloved, she became plunged in an ocean of bliss.
35 Overcome with passion, she placed Lord Hari on her lap and enjoyed pastimes with Him. In this way, even though she had abandoned her sons, Lord Hari became pleased with her.
36 His eyes and face filled with happiness, He gave her a benediction: "Beloved, I will always come to you.
37 "Like Radha you will be dear to Me. By the power of My blessing you will always protect your sons."

38 Seeing Sri Krishna with Viraja as he spoke these words, Radha's friends told their mistress.
39 Hearing this, Radha lay down in the palace of anger and wept. Then Krishna entered that palace and approached Her.

40 O Narada, accompanied by Sridama, Krishna stood at Radha's door. When She who is the queen of the rasa mandala saw Her beloved Lord Hari, She became angry and said:
41 O Lord Hari, You have many other lovers in Goloka. Go to them! Why do You need Me?
42 Even though Your dear lover Viraja, out of fear of Me, left her body and became a river, still You go to her!
43 Build a palace on her shore and stay with her. Stay with her. Go to her. She became a river. You became a river also.
44 Because they belong to the same class, it is glorious for one river to associate with another river. As they happily eat together and sleep together they feel great love for each other.
45 O crest jewel of divine persons, when they hear from Me that You are enjoying pastimes with a river, the great souls will smile.
46 They who say You are the master of the universes do not truly know Your heart. The Personality of Godhead, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all, now desires to enjoy pastimes with a river!

47 After speaking these words, angry goddess Radha stopped. Surrounded by a hundred thousand gopis, She would not rise from Her bed.

48 Some gopis carried camaras in their hands, some carried fine garments, some carried betel nuts in their hands, and some carried flower-garlands in their hands.
49 Some carried cups of scented water in their hands, some carried lotus flowers in their hands, some carried red sindura in their hands, and some carried flower garlands in their hands.
50 Some carried jewel ornaments in their hands, some carried black kaajal, some carried flutes and vinas in their hands, and some carried combs in their hands.
51 Some carried aviras in their hands, some carried yantras in their hands, some carried scented oil in their hands, some most beautiful women carried karatalas in their hands, and some carried toy balls.
52 Some played mrdangas, murajas, flutes and karatalas, some expertly sang, and some expertly danced.
53 Some carried toys in their hands, some carried cups of honey in their hands, some carried cups of nectar in their hands, and some carried footstools in their hands.
54 Some carried garments and ornaments in their hands, some served Radha's feet, some stood before Her with folded hands, and some spoke prayers glorifying Her.
55 How many stood before Her? O sage, millions and millions stood outside.

56 As Krishna stood at the door, Radha's friends, who held sticks, would not allow Him to enter.
57 As the Lord of Her life stood before Her, Radha spoke to Him words that were inaccurate, not worthy to be spoken, improper, and very harsh.

58 O Krishna, O lover of Viraja, get away from Me! O Lord Hari, o restless debauchee, why do You trouble Me?
59 Go at once to Padmavati! Go to beautiful Ratnamala or Vanamala whose beauty has no equal!
60 O lover of a river, O master of the demigods, O guru of the demigods' guru, I know who You are. Auspiciousness to You! Go! Go from My ashram!
61 Again and again You act like a human! Rake, enter a human womb! Leave Goloka and go to Bharata-varsa!
62 O Susila, Sasikala, Padmavati, Madhavi, stop this criminal! What need have we for Him?
63 After hearing Radha's words, the gopis spoke to Lord Hari words there were beneficial, truthful, gentle, sweet, and appropriate to that circumstance.

64 Some said: "O Lord Hari, for a little while go somewhere else. When Radha's anger subsides we will bring You here."
65 Some very affectionately said: "Go home for a moment. You make Radha blissful. Except for You, who can protect Her?
66 O sage, out of love for Radha some gopis said to Lord Hari: "For a moment go to Vrndavana forest until Her anger subsides."
67 Some joked to the Lord: "O passionate one, by devotedly serving Her You will appease the jealous anger of Your passionate beloved."

68 Some said to Lord: "Go to another wife in the meantime, O Lord, we will bring the result You earnestly desire."
69 Some stood smiling before Lord Hari and said: "Go to Her and pacify Her jealous anger."
70 Some gopis spoke harshly to the Lord of their lives: "Who can see Radha's lotus face now?"
71 Some said to the all-powerful Lord: "O Lord Hari, go to another place, and when Her anger is over You may return."
72 Some beautiful and arrogant gopis said to Him: "If You don't go to another's home, we will force You to go."
73 Some beautiful gopis then surrounded the smiling, peaceful, and cheerful Supreme Lord of all and prevented Him from entering.
74 Forced by the gopis, Lord Hari, who is the first cause of the world's causes, left and went to another's home. Then Sridama became angry.

75 His lotus eyes now red, Sridama angrily spoke to the supreme goddess, Sri Radha, whose lotus eyes were also red with anger.
76 Sridama said: O mother, why do You speak these harsh words to my master? O goddess, You rebuke Him without any consideration and for no reason.
77-79 You mock the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the master of Brahma, Ananta, Shiva and is the master of Sarasvati, Laksmi, Laya, Maya and Prakrti, who is beyond the modes of material nature, who is self-satisfied, and whose desires are all fulfilled. Know that it is only because of Your service to Him and Your worship of His feet that You have become the best of goddesses and the queen of all. O beautiful one, You do not understand Him. How can I have the power to describe Him?
80 With a playful bend in His eyebrows He can create many millions of millions of goddesses like You. You do not understand Him, the Lord who is beyond the modes of material nature.

81 In Vaikuntha goddess Lakshmi eternally serves Lord Hari with great devotion. She washes His lotus feet and dries them with her own hair.
82 With devotion Sarasvati always praises Him with beautiful prayers that are nectar for the ears. You do not understand Him, the great Supreme Personality of Godhead.
83 Frightened goddess Maya, who is the material energy and the personified life of all conditioned souls, always praises Him with devotion. O proud one, You do not understand Him.
84 Although they eternally offer prayers to Him, the Vedas cannot understand even one sixteenth of His glory. O beautiful one, You do not understand Him.
85 O goddess, with his four heads powerful Brahma, the father of the Vedas, glorifies Krishna. Brahma serves His lotus feet.
86 With his five heads, the guru of the yogis (Shiva), offers prayers to Lord Krishna. His eyes filled with tears and the hairs of his body erect, he serves Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.
87 With His thousand heads Ananta Sesa again and again offers prayers to Lord Krishna, the all-pervading Supersoul. He devotedly serves His lotus feet.
88 Dharma, who is the protector and witness of everyone and the master of the worlds, happily and devotedly serves Lord Krishna’s feet always.
89 All-powerful Lord Vishnu, who resides in Svetadvipa and is His partial expansion, meditates on Lord Krishna as the Supreme at every moment.
90 The demigods, demons, sages, kings, Manus, humans and sages serve Him though they cannot see His lotus feet even in a dream.

91 Abandon Your pride forthwith and worship the lotus feet of Lord Hari, who merely by the play of His eyebrows destroys the material creation.
92 Brahma's lifetime is an eye-blink for Lord Krishna. Twenty-eight Indras live their lives in Brahma's day.
93 Brahma lives for 108 years calculated in this way. O Radha, You and the gopis and everyone and everything are under my master's dominion.

94 Hearing Sridama's very harsh and forceful words, Radha became suddenly angry. She stood up and addressed him.
95 Going outside, Her hair loosened, Her lotus eyes red, and Her lips trembling, She harshly spoke to him.
96 Sri Radha said: Rogue! Fool! Servant of a rake! Listen. I don't know your master. You know everything about Him.
97 O lowest wretch in Vraja, Sri Krishna is your master and not Mine? You praise your father and rebuke your mother.
98 As the demons always insult the demigods, so you always insult Me! Therefore, O fool, become a demon!
99 O Gopa, leave Goloka and go to a demoness' womb. Fool, now I have cursed you. Who can protect you?
100 After thus cursing him, the queen of the rasa dance became silent. Then, with jeweled-handled camaras in their hands, Her friends served Her.

101 After hearing Her words, his lips trembling in anger, Sridama too cursed Her: Go to the womb of a human woman!
102 You are angry like a human woman, therefore become a human woman on the earth! Mother, I have cursed You. Of this there is no doubt.
103 You will be eclipsed by a part of Your own shadow. The fools on the earth will say you are the wife of a petty king.
104 That petty king will be a partial incarnation of Lord Hari. He will be a great yogi born in a human womb because of Radha's curse on him.
105 In Gokula You will attain Lord Krishna. You will stay with Him in the forest there and enjoy pastimes with Him. You will be separated from Him for a hundred years and then You will attain Him, Your Lord, again and return with Him to Goloka.

106 After speaking these words and after bowing down before Radha, Sridama went to Lord Hari. Bowing down before Lord Krsna, Sridama narrated the story of the cursings.

107 Sridama wept as never before. As weeping Sridama was about to go to the earth, Lord Krishna said to him:
108 You will become the king of demons. In the three worlds no one will defeat you.
109 After fifty yugas Shiva's spear will make you leave that body and with My blessings you will return to Me.
110 After hearing Lord Krishna’s words, grieving Sridama said to Him: You will never transform me into a person that has no devotion for You.

111 Saying this Sridama left his ashrama. Then, weeping again and again, Radha came there.

112 Saintly Radha loudly lamented, "Child, where are you going?" Then Sridama became Shankhachuda, the husband of Tulasi.
113 When Sridama had left, goddess Radha approached Lord Hari. She told Him everything and He spoke to Her.
114 Lord Krishna told everything to His grieving beloved. Then, in the course of time, Sridama became Shankhachuda and then returned to the Lord.

115 In the Varaha-kalpa Radha appeared with Lord Hari to the earth. O sage, She attained  birth in Gokula in King Vrsabhanu's home.

116 In this way I have spoken the transcendental narrations of Lord Krishna, which everyone yearns to hear. What more do you wish to hear?


To be continued.....