The power of Guru mantra  

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimad Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


In Skanda Puran is found a story illustrating the power of Guru mantra initiation.

Once in olden times, Dasharha the king of Mathura married the princess of Kashi named Kalavati. After the grand wedding the bridal party returned to the king’s palace in Mathura. 

That night the king sent for his queen to join him in the royal bed. The queen sent word back that she was unable to comply with his request.

Not accustomed to having his wishes declined, the king threatened to use force with her. The queen replied that in conducting household affairs, affection is more important than force. “Oh king, I am your queen and yet you talk about subduing me forcefully.” Losing patience, the king approached her. The moment he touched her, he was thrown back as if hit by a strong bolt of lightning. His body began to burn.

Withdrawing to a safe distance, he asked astonished, “What is this? You are so young and beautiful, yet why did I feel a burning sensation when I touched you?” The queen replied “My lord, in my childhood I was initiated into the Shiva mantra by Durvasa muni. Reciting that mantra regularly has caused an abundance of Satvik energy in my body. Darkness and light cannot dwell together. Since you have cohabited with wine-drinking prostitutes and harlots, there is excessive negative dark energy in your body, mind and intelligence, whereas I have a great store of spiritual positive energy within me. That’s why when you tried to touch me, my positive energy recoiled against your negative energy.”

The king was impressed and said, “I too want to receive the Shiva mantra. Give it to me.” The queen said “I am your wife. I cannot be your guru. Let us both go to Gargacharya, the family guru and pray for his guidance.”

Gargacharya Maharaj instructed them to bathe in the Yamuna and wear new clothes. Then meditating on Lord Shiva he looked at them both with his eyes piercingly and purified them with his divine glance. After that he initiated the king into the Shiva mantra and gave him shaktipat.

The story goes that even as they looked on, millions and millions of black crows emerged out of the king’s body and swarmed out. Dark energy can be discerned by spiritually realized souls or saints. 

One can get such benefits when we sit at the holy feet of a true master and get initiation. The negative impressions in our mind and intellect from many lifetimes are also eliminated. One’s life becomes positive and filled with success, calm and joy, besides many other spiritual and material benefits which people cannot even imagine.

The king was transformed in no time and he experienced deep inner joy. Together the royal couple saluted the saintly Gargacharya and returned to their kingdom.

Positive, negative, beneficial and harmful atoms are found in our bodies. Our thoughts, speech and actions determine which of these will thrive and get the upper hand. 

But surrender at the feet of a truly enlightened master can cut through the accumulated mass and surgically remove the unnecessary and negative atoms which hinder our spiritual and material progress.

Guru mantra is a powerful healing panacea for all our ills.


Jai Guru !!

Jai Jai Shri Radhey !!