Nrisingha Chaturdasi

The signature festival of Sri Gauranga Ashram, Bhubaneshwar, Sri Nrisingha Chaturdasi, the appearance day of Bhagawan Sri Nrisingha Dev is celebrated with traditional piety, joy and enthusiasm every year.

Devotees from Kolkata, Delhi and Orissa travel to attend the function and participate joyfully in the celebrations. Around 600-700 persons honour the maha prasad every year.

Here are a few photographs Sri Nrisingha Chaturdasi mahotsava at Bhubaneshwar.

The entrance of the Ashram is decorated with nice panels and banner during the night prior to the festival. Most of the Ashram staff work almost through the night to get everything in shape for the festival.

Amost the entire ashram is washed down and cleaned and preparations for the bhog and prasad started early in the morning.

The temple and mandap are beautifully decorated

The deities are cleansed and attired in new cloths and the entire sanctum sanctorum cleaned and decorated gorgeously.

Baba's samadhi mandir is also thoroughly cleaned, decorated and readied for the occasion

Around 9 am, the kirtaniyas arrive and devotees also start arriving. Naam sankirtan on the day is truly transcendental.

A vedic Havan is conducted in accordance with shastric rites for the good health and wel-being of all

The intense heat notwithstanding, many devotees perform the sankalp and puja with great devotion for full two hours.

Meanwhile in the temple, the sankirtan party gets more vibrant and joyous

Baba's deity is brought to the temple and the kirtan seems to become even more vibrant

Finally, after the bhog offering, the doors are opened to reveal the awe-inspiring aarti

All the usual favourite bhog of the Lord is lovingly offered and there are often indications that He has enjoyed the offerings

After all the ceremonies, in the glow of the aarti, Sri Sri Lakshmi Nrisingha seemed pleased and satisfied.

Sri Lakshmi Nrisingha mama dehi karaavalambam !