Lord Jagannath's sleep problem

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


Once it so happened that when Lord Jagannath’s chief attendant went to his room for his morning chores he saw that the Lord’s clothes were torn and tattered. He was shocked and called for the servitor who had dressed Him the previous day.

The poor soul was blamed for theft and was fired. This man was extremely heartbroken and wanted to get to the root of the mystery. He was sure that someone was playing foul and was responsible for the condition of the Lord’s clothes.


He decided to hide inside the temple at night and catch the thief. He waited for long but saw no one around who seemed to be doing anything suspicious. Suddenly, as he was about to dose off, he saw a man in Lord Jagannath’s clothes walking fast out of the temple. He decided to follow this mysterious person and catch him red-handed.

He saw the man walking towards a brinjal plantation and from a distance, watch a woman with a white sari singing a song. When the servitor approached the man, behold he fell down dizzy at the sight of Mahaprabhu Jagannatha Himself!

Apparently, Lord Jagannatha walked every night to this particular brinjal plantation to hear the woman sing Dasavatar stotram (from Geet Govind written by Jayadev). He could not sleep without hearing her sweet song. Prabhu loves listening to that hymn.  (Why was the woman singing in a brinjal plantation at night? Apparently she was saving the brinjals from monkey attacks!)

After getting Prabhu’s darshan, the following morning, the accused servitor told everyone about the happenings of the previous night but no one believed Him. The next day they asked the woman to stop singing or leave the place and never come back again. She stopped singing and Prabhuji couldn’t sleep.

The Lord then appeared in the dream of the chief priest and told him about His problem of sleeplessness. The next morning, the chief priest immediately summoned the woman and rewarded her richly and arranged for Dasavatar stotram to be a major part of Jagannatha pooja rituals.

The Lord till date is sent to bed wearing a cloth that has the Dasavatar stotram written on it.

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Jai Jagannath!

Jai Gurudev!

Jai Jai Sri Radhey !