Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

In his retreat at Mount Kailash Lord Shiva heard of the happenings at the end of the great churning of the ocean of milk; how the asuras were deprived of amrita (elixir) by Sri Hari taking the form of a charming woman.

Accompanied by Uma Devi and his retinue of spirits and goblins they set out to Vaikuntha, Sri Hari's abode.

The Lord received them with great respect and after the usual greetings Lord Siva said "Great Lord! Thou art Sat-chit-ananda. We have heard how you gave the elixir of immortality to the devas and not to the asuras by assuming the form of a lady. We too are desirous of seeing that form"

Sri Hari smiled and warned them of the danger. Presently there was a great calm and then as suddenly a breeze sprang up and the party found themselves in a garden thick with flowering trees. The same bewitching damsel Mohini (who had duped the asuras earlier) appeared.

This time she was playing with a flower-ball tossing it between her hands. She was a picture of alluring beauty. It was impossible to take away one’s eyes from her enchanting form.

Soon a naughty breeze partly blew aside her silk dress revealing her impeccable charms. The great ascetic that Shiva was, even He could restrain himself no longer and darted after Mohini forgetting all decorum and even the presence of his own consort Devi Parvati.

The dancer was quicker; she slipped fast leading on him a pretty dance over hill and dale through briar and thorn; with bruised feet and perspiring brow.

The great doyen of ascetics abruptly realized his error. He had once burned to ashes Kamadeva in his ire and the same Cupid, since revived, had his revenge now.

Wherever the earth was drenched with blood or perspiration, a mine of diamonds or gold materialized.

Sri Hari appeared, fresh and glorious and smilingly said "O! Sambho! You have gallantly passed the test. Still, you see the power of my Maya. May this be a warning to all sanyasis"

Saying this Sri Hari vanished and Lord Shiva, sadder and wiser now, returned with Sri Umadevi and his cohorts back to the icy solitudes of his abode Mount Kailash.

Sri Suka said "I have described to you the infallible power of Sri Hari. Whoever reads this with devotion or thinks of it, will be freed from the torment of lust.



Jai Guru !!

Jai Sri Radhey !!