Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


Music is integral to faith; it works its powers over even inanimate things. Our major divinities are usually depicted with musical instruments, such as Lord Shiva with the damaru and Goddess Saraswati with the veena. With Lord Krishna, however, the flute is more than a mere musical instrument. Can anyone imagine Krishna without His bansuri?

In the Bhagwata Purana there is a whole chapter about Krishna playing His transcendental bansuri in Vrindavan. People of every age, animals and the trees and shrubs too would stand still to savour the divine vibration and it seemed they would melt and swoon listening to the melodious note of his flute. It was like casting a magical spell on whosoever it touched.

A popular legend says that Sri Krishna used to communicate with his dearmost beloved Sri Radha through His flute which only She understood perfectly.

The gopis were always jealous of Krishna’s bansuri. It seemed to them as if it was dearer to Him than they were. Many a time they would hide his flute so that He may have time to cast a glimpse at them otherwise it would always stuck to His lips or play in His hands.

There are many tales of Krishna’s flute being stolen and how He begged the Gopis to return it. He asked each one-Lalita, Vishakha, Chitra but all denied any knowledge of His bansuri. Lalita said “I don’t know. And why should I tell you where it is even if I do know?’

Krishna began to search for Radha for He knew none but She can dare hide his bansuri. When He confronted her, She said teasingly, ‘Was it for this you wasted all your energy hunting me out? Poor Krishna! Go! I have seen your love for me’ Krishna smiled, ‘Radhe, do you not know that you are the life of my life? My flute only vibrates your sweet name.”

Krishna then elaborated, “I do everything through my bansuri. I pour transcendental joy into the hearts of the rasika bhaktas like Gopis through my flute-song and I assemble the dull bhaktas with the music of my flute. Thus I do my universal supervision only through my Bansuri.”

He further tells Her about the symbolism of bansuri, “If anyone wants to taste the nectarine sweetness of my lips, he should empty himself of his egoism like the bansuri empties itself quickly so that I may fill it with my music and keep it always near my lips.” 

The sound of the flute stirs the anahat chakra or the ‘unstruck sound’ in our causal bodies. That sound made the gopis mad for Lord Krishna.

And what is the flute singing? The name of Radharani. No other sound is coming out from the flute, only, "Radhe, Radhe, Radhe, Radhe, Radhe!" Only this sound emanates — in a variety of ways - from the flute of Krishna. The sound manifestation of its divine influence spreads over the entire transcendental and mundane worlds.

This understanding we get from the description of Rasa Lila in Srimad Bhagavatam. Krishna calls all the Gopis to assemble for Rasa by playing his flute. It is the clarion call.

The bamboo flute, made of a single length of bamboo, with six or seven holes and with no mechanical parts, is the oldest musical instrument known to man. Its sound vibration is believed to be the closest representation of the mystic syllable “Om” permeating all of creation and transcending it.

Gopala-topani Upanishad also establishes the understanding of Omas non-different from the Supreme Entities Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.  
The enlightened sages declare that the Swarupa-shakti of Bhagavan, Srimati Radharani is non-different from Om. Gopala, Sri Krishna who is the Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer of the universes is also non-different from Om.

Srila Jiva Goswami in his description of the alphabetical constituents of the mantra Om gives the following description: 

"Om is a combination of letters, A, U, M.  The letter  'A' refers to Krishna. The Letter  'U' refers to Radha, and the letter 'M' refers to the individual soul." 

Once, while in Vrindavan, Baba was asked the question, “who does the bansi represent?” He replied that there was a gopi who used to speak and sing very sweetly. Krishna loved her dearly. Once he was dallying with her in a grove of reeds.  Radharani found them together and cursed the gopi to turn into a shrub of reed herself. Actually, She did this to bless her.

Krishna comforted the gopi and said that he would make a flute out of the reed and ever keep her at His lips. In this way, she would continue to produce sweet sound which would charm the entire universe.


Jai Guru

Jai Sri Radhey