Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


There was a brahmin priest in Puri named Talicha Mohapatra. He was one of the pujaris of Lord Jagannath, He was engaged the whole day from morning to night in the personal service of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra. These deities were everything to him.
One day the King came to have Jagannath’s darshan. Usually when the King visited the temple he would ask for flower garlands of the Lord as maha-prasad. On that day Lord Jagannath was not wearing any garland. Mohapatra thought, “It is a great discredit for me if the King does not get Lord Jagannath’s prasada.” He was very worried. Finally he took the flower garland from his own neck and put it on Lord Jagannath praying to the Lord to forgive him. The King arrived at the altar and took darshan of the deities. As usual, afterwards, the King asked the pujari, “Can I please have some flower garland prasada?’ The pujari washed his hands and took the prasadi garland from the Lord, handing it to the King. The King received the offering with devotion and then left for his palace.
The flower garland was very beautiful. It was made of fresh jui flowers, a special flower that is pure white with a strong fragrance. The King, while sitting on his throne, happily gazed upon the flower garland, and suddenly found a strand of long black hair. He thought, “This is very strange. How can this hair be in the garland? Jagannath has no hair on His head. This priest must have taken the flower garland from his own neck and put it on Lord Jagannath, and then gave it to me, telling me it is the prasada of the Lord.”

The King was furious. He ordered the presence of Mohapatra immediately. When Mohapatra was brought in front the King, he saw that the King was trembling in anger and hissing like a snake. The King said, “I found a hair in the garland of the Lord. Tell me truthfully, when did the Lord grow hair on His head? Tell me the truth, otherwise you will face death.” Mohapatra became very scared and prayed, “Lord, please protect me from the wrath of the king. Who knows what kind of punishment he will give me! Better I lie and save myself.” So he told the King, “Yes. It is true. For some time now the Lord has been growing hair.”
Then King said, “Really? Very well. Tomorrow morning I will go to temple and you can show me personally that the Lord has grown hair on His head. If you are speaking the truth, then all auspiciousness be unto you. But if you cannot show me hair on the Lord’s head, then you will be thrown out of my country. You know very well how unsparing I am in punishing the guilty.”

Talicha Mohapatra went back to temple and engaged himself in the service of the Lord. After finishing his services he offered his prostrated obeisance and prayed to help him in this situation. After saying this, Mohapatra closed the temple doors and went back to his residence. He kept a glass of poison next to his bed, with a plan to drink it by the end of the night if the Lord did not arrange to protect him. He went to sleep expecting some miracle.
Lord Jagannath understood the mind of His devotee. The Lord appeared to him in his dream, and said to him, “Why are you so scared? After serving Me you have nothing to fear. As long as I am here at Nilachala, what can this King do to you? Even ten million kings cannot harm you. Why are you so afraid of this King? Why do you think that I have no hair? You think I am bald? Don’t you see I have also hair on My head? Do not be fearful. Tomorrow go to temple as usual. You will see I have so much hair on My head, which you can show to your king.”
Mohapatra woke up and saw there was no one next to him. He thought that the Lord must have given His mercy in the form of a dream. Long before the end of the night he took his bath and went to the temple. He opened the door and looked at the Lord. He was surprised to see the Lord had long, thick black hair on His head, decorated with so many nice flowers. The hair was very long, reaching His waist and touching the ratna-simhasan. After seeing this, Mohapatra was very happy. Then he engaged himself in the service of the Lord. Now he was free from the fear of the King and his punishment.
Early in the morning the King arrived at the temple and said to Mohapatra, “Show me the hair on the head of the Lord.” Then Mohapatra replied without any fear, “What is there for me to show you? Please just go near the Lord and see for yourself whether He has hair on His head or not.” The King went behind the Lord and was surprised to see the long, curly black hair of the Lord reaching down to His waist. The King asked the pujari, “How did you fix this hair on the Lord’s head? Did you fix some hair with the help of glue, or is this real hair that the Lord has grown?” Mohapatra said, “You can check yourself whether it is false hair or real hair.” The King pulled a few of the hairs from Jagannath’s head. Immediately blood started to flow from the Lords scalp. When the King saw this he fainted, falling to the ground. When he awoke, he ran to the Mohapatra and caught hold of his feet.
After offering his prayers, the King donated gifts of great opulence to the pujari and left happily for his palace. People were surprised to see this glorious pastime of Lord Jagannath. Talicha Mohapatra joyfully rededicated himself in the service of the Lord. These are the glories of Lord Hari. He is the life and soul of His devotees. He is always with his devotees to helps them in their troubles. The Lord is the friend of His devotees. He is always thinking about His devotees.


Bhakta Vatsala Bhagavan ki Jai !

Jai Jai Shri Radhey !