Guru before God

As related by Radharani didi to Saroj Sanganeria

Om Vishnupad 18 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimad Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Maharaj ki Jai!!


Tarapad dada and his wife Radharani didi were residents of Balichak. Baba used to visit Balichak frequently in the 70’s and 80’s and used to stay in the Dak bungalow there.

One day Tarapad da bought a few brinjal saplings to plant in his garden. Carrying the saplings he went to see Baba in the dak bungalow (his second meeting with Him). As he stood at the door of Baba’s room, Baba inquired as to what he had in his hands. Dada told him that he was planning to grow new brinjal plants. Baba then asked him as to when was he planning to become a new plant. Dada was perplexed. Then Baba explained that he needed to be initiated to become new. Then the very next day Baba initiated the couple. 

This was narrated by Radharani didi: once they had gone to Puri but couldn’t get darshan of Lord Jagannath even after going to the temple a couple of times. They were sad and wondering why this had happened to them. They told Baba when He arrived the next day in Puri. Baba told them that they had tried to do Isht darshan without doing Guru’s darshan. Now that they had had Guru’s darshan they would get Isht darshan also and that’s exactly what happened the next day.


Jai Guru !!