Guru's Unconditional Love  

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimad Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


Spiritual traditions from all around the world proclaim unconditional love to be amongst the highest forms of human expression. These traditions have gone on to describe this expression in the form of the affection a spiritual master holds for students or disciples. Pure love that constitutes the core of discipleship stands by itself among the different types of love that one can experience in life.

Experiencing a spiritual teacher’s unconditional love can transform us and teach us how to love and accept ourselves. This self-acceptance and self-love can then find expression in love for our families, friends, colleagues, and even our enemies. These expressions of love help us to live a rich and meaningful life.

To practice unconditional love, to intentionally subvert ego and sense of self in order to recognize that they - ego and a separate self - are ultimately illusory is not easy. But when we receive the true Guru’s unconditional love and behold ourselves in the mirror that the Guru holds to us, we are able to give them up and find in their place a great, expansive love, joy and peace.

The relationship between a spiritual master and disciple is the inevitable outcome of the intrinsic life-condition of an aspirant. When the pupil is ready the teacher appears. From a spiritual angle, it is the most important relationship that a person can have in their life.

The Guru’s love for each disciple is expressed in different ways. It is also very personal. The Guru guides each and every disciple personally and we should have no doubts that the Master came for us.

The love that a disciple has for the Master is directly the result of the greater love the Master has for the disciple. After going through a process of proper questioning and clearing one’s doubts in an honest and humble manner, when the disciple accepts the Guru and vice-versa, the fundamental requisite then becomes an unquestioning love for the Guru. All other streams of love ultimately join this great river of love for the Master and merge in it. To serve the Master is to serve one’s Self and in every other self.

The true Guru loves us just as we are without any expectations. Does not the mother love her infant even though the little one bangs his head on her face or steps on her feet? Our shortcomings do not bother the Guru. The Guru looks at the journey of the soul and focuses on the divine potential of each disciple.

Just as you will love your guru, your guru will love you. The more you give to that relationship and to your practice, the stronger your bond with your guru will be. Even if your guru lives somewhere far away from you, or is not on this earthly plane, nevertheless your guru will be as much as part of your life as you choose.

Before expecting the Guru’s grace, the disciple should deserve it. The flow of divine grace only comes when the disciple is fit to receive it. Guru’s grace descends on those who feel entirely humble and undeserving, but with rock-like faith in Gurudev. Faith is confidence and trust in Guru. Faith is the firm conviction of the truth in the Guru’s words and declarations even though without any testimony or evidence.

Faith or shraddha is that magic ingredient which sustains the disciple on the path of sadhana, spiritual practice. It supports him/her during tests and pitfalls and in overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  

Whatever may be attained by penance, charity, pious acts, renunciation or by other yoga practices can be easy and quickly acquired by practicing pure Guru Bhakti. A true disciple rejoices in the practice of guru bhakti yoga. It is the magic wand in the hands of the disciple to cross over the ocean of nescience.

The most precious gift you can give your guru is to practice what he or she teaches you. The guru is as close to you as you are to the guru.We should strive to reflect the loving acceptance and unconditional love we get from our Divine Gurudev in our own worldly relationships.

It is God who comes as the Guru to guide us back to the eternal life beyond death. When a soul’s countless cycles of birth and death is nearing the end, the Guru will come and guide the loving servant back to the Kingdom of Eternal Love and Light.



Jai Gurudev !

Jai jai Shri Radhey Shyam !