Devotees' Experiences

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

(July 2001)

By Biru

There are many saints who have come to this earth to show the spiritual path to the humanity. But, out of the billions I think we the devotees of our Guru, 'Baba' are very fortunate to have a Guru like him. If the Guru has his Kripa on you, you need not search for him, he will automatically come to you and you have to identify him and then totally surrender unto him.

My story of meeting Baba is more or less the same. I was posted as Deputy Comdt. of Gen. Chinu Mohanti at the RIMC (Prince of Wales Military College Dehradun). We both are alumni of the same institution. Baba visited him in Sept. 1990 and I was very lucky to meet him at Gen. Chinu's residence.

My wife Laxmi was carrying our third child. She had the symptoms of getting jaundice in pregnancy and it was likely in this case too. We had lost the second baby before its birth and at that time situation had become very critical to save Laxmi's life. Baba gave her “charanaamrita”. Blessed by him and with his grace she did not get jaundice and she had absolutely normal delivery giving birth to my second son Vishwesh (Chhotu).

I got posted to the valley (Anantnag) from where militancy had gripped the entire Kashmir valley. A very difficult place. I sought Baba's blessing before I left for Anantnag. On a number of occasions the militants had targeted us and one had been through the fire many times. But I think it was Baba's grace that not a single bullet touched me in my entire stay of nearly two years at this place, where not a single day was incident free. My battalion did very well getting the coveted Chiefs Citation.

One afternoon, my men had gone to Anantnag town for a specific task. They came under heavy fire of the militants. Before I reached we had already taken five casualties with bullet injuries. I alongwith my team rushed to the place and there was a volley of fire from all sides on my group, I being the main target.

In front of my eyes two men of my protection party got bullet injuries in thigh and arms. The volley of fire continued on my Jonga. Suddenly I heard the scream of my signal operator who was just an inch away from me. When I looked back he had got bullet in his palm, through the armour plating of the Jonga.

With Baba's grace we got control of the situation after a fierce battle of nearly two hours. Therefore, the situation had reversed for them so long we were there.

Interestingly when we went out for operations, it was as if somebody was always guiding me "do not go there", "Skirt around" and so on. Now I realize.

Jai Radhey !

Jai Guru