Devotees' Experiences

Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!


(Feb/March 2001)

By Sunil Ohri

His holiness is lovingly called 'BABA' by his Devotees. I too shall address Him as BABA.

Baba was born on 16th March, 1926 in a religious, wealthy Bengali, Brahmin family settled in Allahabad. His father was a doctor of repute and mother a professor. Baba completed his post graduation from Allahabad University in English & Philosophy.

Since 1967, he has lived on milk alone, without any food. He is deeply ffectionate to his devotees and is always praying for their well-being.

Without going any further on His divine grace's.life sketch, I shall only pen down a few facts:

All Glory to Sri Sri Guru & Gouranga

1) Only the guru can give the knowledge of Brahman. In the guru alone is the science of yoga.

2) The guru gives meditation & mantra.

3) Baba's grace intoxicates the mind with happiness & bliss and in the end grants the divine state.

4) Who knows where mental conflicts may lead one, the torments that may compel one to suffer. It is really very difficult without Baba's grace.

Millions in various cities throng to Baba with their day-to-day mundane problems. They pour out their daily sorrows and frustrations. Baba attends to each one of them with humility, kindness and love.

He makes one feel completely at ease. Each pours out his heart to him. Some want health to be restored, others want that he should bless them with promotions, yet others want Baba to solve their family problems. Baba also receives telephonic messages from devotees from all over India who seek an instant remedy for the day-to-day problems that beset them.

As usual Baba comforts each devotee and eases their mental tensions with his all encompassing smile & divine patience. Baba gives to each whatever his heart desires!

The biggest tragedy is that none have asked or taken from Baba what Baba wants to give, the many-jewelled gift of self-realization. Baba wants to lift us up to his own height of greatness - to release us from the snare of name and form and to make us as free as himself. Very few realise who Baba is.

He who transmits his shakti to the disciple and makes him aware of Krishna, unifies the individual soul with God. He who awakens the shakti that pierces the six chakras, who activates that shakti in a disciple's entire life is Babaji.

Babaji has come amongst us to elevate us fallen souls from our disillusioned way of life. Disciples look on Baba as their saviour, friend and guide.

Apart from being an avadhoot, Baba is different from other realised saints in that he is a brilliant conversationalist. His knowledge of day-to-day affairs is superb. Being of a divine a gentle nature, his disciples of little knowledge and ignorance do not fully realise the greatness and power of this supreme being.

None of them actually realises that they are facing "God who walks on earth".

Dear devotees, the greatest romance you can have is the romance with God. Let us strive to love Baba with all our hearts. The result will only lead to our upliftment.

Jai Radhey !

Jai Guru