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Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !!

A Magnet Called Baba

Jagpreet Luthra


Baba is everything that I could not have asked for : I know this when I miss being with him during the France-England match in Euro 2004. Even through the electric joy of watching this most beautiful of all sports and the gods who play it, my mind often goes to Baba as I imagine how he would be reacting to the magic moments of such tournaments.

There are devotees who get surprised, of course charmed too, when they hear Baba discuss football, but if they knew that football is a game of the gods, by the gods and for the gods, they would, like me, expect Baba to love it.

Brazilian football star Ronaldo even looks like Baba ! And I thank Baba for having been on Brazil’s side in the 2002 World Cup. Through such ‘critical’ times we cannot afford God making any errors of judgment.

It is Baba’s passion for such delights that makes him attractive to my head. About what he does to my heart, don’t ask : there are times when I spend days trying to figure out the meaning of a splits second look or smile Baba gave me or the smile that he did not give.

If the bewitching smile was reward, what was it for and if the blank look was punishment, what was that for !

And yet I know that if Baba did not facilitate or will it, I would not even be able to thank about him any which way. It is he who pulls his devotees to himself like a magnet and it he who decides who should think and do what, when and why.

The best part of loving Baba is that you enjoy pining for him. The ache itself is soothing. And as someone who has known the sweet ache of love in other relationships, I can vouch that the ache of divine love is the sweetest.

However, when Baba allows devotees to fall in love with him he largely makes sure he is with then all the time and that they never miss him. During the last five years, I have not been able to attend many functions of Baba’s at Bhubaneswar and Nawadweep but I just did not miss being there. And, when I was there, like in Nadia this year, it was heavenly. Intoxicated by the pure energy exuded by Baba, I felt a wonderful lightness of being.

Baba’s love is truly a narcotic and many of the devotees who, like me, think and talk ceaselessly about him bear out this view.

When the day is done, sometimes even when the day is half done or undone, we automatically head towards Jonapur, and none of us can really figure out why ! Neither can those who know us but don’t know Baba !

My seven-year-old niece whispers to me with a twinkle in her eyes that God has sent us a private Krishna in the form of “Baba”. And, when I find my 79-year-old mother’s pretty pink lips moving with the rhythm of the mantra given by Baba, her eyes half shut with sleep, I know that God Himself sent Baba for all of us.

I, who met Baba first, was just God’s courier girl. Thank you God in every breath for coming to us in flesh and blood form and thank you for choosing me as your courier girl. You could not have given me a more lucrative job.

Jai Guru !

Jai Sri Radhey !